STEP 1: Please select either a ONE or THREE Card Reading.

STEP 2: Press the 'Shuffle' button to randomise your reading.

STEP 3: Click the flip button to read your card's message.

STEP 4: Finally, click each card again to receive a deeper message.


A rise in your vibrational frequency sparks new levels of awareness. You sense the different feelings and energies around you. Enjoy this spiritual quickening. What no longer resonates with you will naturally fall away. Release with ease all that chooses to remain in your past.


Death is the great illusionist. It suggests your loved ones have left you forever. In truth, they slip easily from one life into the next, and are restored to health once more. They draw close to you with the speed of thought. They hear you and offer you comfort. Never feel abandoned. Love’s vibration connects the worlds. You are not alone.

Your senses carry messages from your intuition and the spirit world. The higher your sensitivity, the clearer the messages become. Notice everything you feel, hear, see, taste, smell and ‘know’. Tune into the subtle messages from the inner realms. Your gifts have potential.

The Light that reveals your path is found within. You brought with you the wisdom, courage and resilience of many lifetimes. Connect with your deepest knowing. Affirm that your life has direction and meaning. Your journey will reveal itself, one day at a time.