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I help you propel your intuitive gifts to their highest potential!

If you have a passion to help others using your gifts, I show you the 8 Keys to Excellence that transform you into a confident, successful professional in your own Intuitive Practice.

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Enhance Your Gift

Source, Spirit & Soul

It’s not enough to simply guide you to open a Spiritual Practice;
And not just any clients, the ones that relate to your unique gifts and value your work so much that they share the great experience with others too.

But There's a Problem..

You have probably already discovered that feeling confident to turn your Intuitive Gifts into a successful Spiritual Practice isn’t as easy as you’d like it to be…

You sometimes wonder whether you’re ‘good enough’ to charge for sharing your gifts.
You doubt you know how to set up a professional practice.
​You hesitate because you first want to take your skills to the next level.
​You can feel like a fraud, but you have an inner 'calling' to help people with your gifts.
​You don’t know which gift to focus on.
​​You’ve tried before but you’ve self-sabotaged or procrastinated.
​People tell you you’re good at this, but you sometimes doubt yourself.
​You’ve attended courses but nothing much changed after. 
You first need to be sure about spiritual protection and ensuring spirituality ‘safely.’
​You don’t have a client-base, you want to know how to attract clients and what to charge.
​You feel uncomfortable asking for money for something that is a gift.
Is it Your Destiny To Work With Your Intuitive gifts?
The 7 Signposts 
That  Confirm It’s Your Destiny To Work With Your Intuitive Gifts
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Meet Michelle Robinson, Principal of The Academy of Spiritual Practice

B.A., Dip. Ed, B. Counseling, Dip. Clinical Hypnosis, Cert. Soul Regression
Michelle Robinson

Achieve the level of expertise and professional practice that you want.
I have been where you are. I felt these frustrations and know a deep desire to embrace intuitive gifts and follow your passion. 
I get that it takes courage to embrace your gifts and put yourself out there.

- I teach and mentor your psychic skills, mediumship, trance healing and inspired trance.
​- You learn important strategies to protect and sustain your energy and stop self-sabotage and procrastination.
​ - I show you how to program your brain towards self-confidence and positive action and step into a new, empowered version of ‘you.’
​- I teach you best-practice standards and help you connect to and align with your life’s purpose.
​- You’ll learn that readings and spiritual healing are only two ways you can use your gifts - there are so many other ways to share your wisdom.
​ - I guide you to develop reliable connections to Spirit, the Source and your guides and learn to safely blend energies with your clients and Spirit.
​- I share my own ethical framework and do Spiritual Assessments that provide insights about your intuitive gifts.
​- And mentor you to set up your practice, know what to charge and understand how to attract the right clients.
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You No Longer Need to 'Play Small' - It is Your Time to Shine

- I care about helping you feel connected to your soul’s purpose.
​​- I care about guiding you to excel with your intuitive gifts.
​​- I care about encouraging your potential.
​​- I care about helping you develop self-confidence.
​​- I care about helping you step up to work professionally in your own Intuitive Practice.

Like any skill, your gifts grow with commitment, training and practice. I truly want you to experience that growth for yourself. The best way forward is to gather your courage and take the next step. I have strong professional ethics and thirty years’ teaching experience. My approach to spiritual development is grounded and practical. We are spirits having a human experience, and that human experience offers our soul the opportunity to learn and grow.

Our Results Speak For Themselves


  • “Michelle has been teaching her Spiritual Workshops to our group since late 2017. She has been guiding us with many different aspects of Intuitive Development including Psychic Development, connecting with our Guides, Soul Readings, Mediumship, Card Reading, Spiritual healing and Trance. I have also have recently joined Michelle's Online Live teaching sessions, which are most informative and interactive. She is very passionate with her teaching and shares this with much love and enthusiasm. Her style is very informative yet simple enough for us to understand. There’s lots of practical work, which we love. Michelle is a Fabulous Innovative teacher and we all feel very blessed to be part of her group.”

    Wendy Lee

    Member of Michelle's Spiritual Teaching Group
  • “I am very lucky to have had Michelle as a facilitator on several courses. These include Reiki, where she attuned me to Levels I and II and finally to Masters. Since then, Michelle and I have also collaborated on many workshops. Her soothing voice is so easy to listen to and her meditations inspired. She is a wonderful tutor, always well prepared and able to answer a student's questions given her exceptional range of knowledge. Michelle creates a calm, respectful environment for learning where students feel nurtured and safe to explore their potential and learn new concepts. Courses are meticulously planned, with identified learning outcomes and unique experiences for each student”

    Julie-Ann Bradwyn

  • “Michelle is an amazing mentor and spiritual teacher. I have had several readings from Michelle, and I am blown away by her accuracy, every time. She is honest, accurate, and always reads from the heart.”

    Kath Simeon

    Psychic Medium
  • “I have been very fortunate to attend many of Michelle Robinson's spiritual workshops. Michelle is very organized with prepared notes for every workshop. She explains each session clearly and gently guides each participant. I feel very blessed to have met Michelle. She is very gifted, yet humble. Her willingness to share her knowledge and experiences is commendable. Michelle gives so much. People walk away from her workshops feeling happy and inspired.”

    Pam Turner

    Regular Workshop Participant
  • “Michelle is a wealth of information and knowledge. She brings a very formative and structured educational experience to all who are lucky enough to receive her tutelage. She is a practical gift to an undefined industry.”

    Paul Cavanough

    International Psychic Medium
  • "The knowledge and teachings are amazing" 

    Judy Gardner

    Workshop Participant     
  • "Amazing knowledge and wisdom, an opportunity to learn and grow"

    Jutta Zapf

    Participant in Online Spiritual Group

This Is How We Can Work Together

Enrol in my upcoming online course
This online spiritual development program of 9 modules guides you towards excellence in using your intuitive gifts. You will develop the knowledge and skills to open your spiritual connections to Spirit, your intuition and your clients. Learn how to set up and market your own Intuitive Practice. Participate in Live sessions that offer additional information and support.

Intuitive Gifts Readings and Small Group Mentoring
I have limited places available in my Mentoring Program. You can also book an Intuitive Gifts Reading with me in which I tune into your aura and spiritual gifts to help you understand where you are at, your next steps in your development and your soul path.

Purchase my latest book, Your Intuitive Gifts At Work.
OUT NOW: 'Your Intuitive Gifts At Work' Book Plus Michelle Robinson's

Trust Your Intuition Online Courses & Mentoring Program
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