About Michelle Robinson

B.A., Dip. Ed, B. Counseling, Dip. Clinical Hypnosis, Cert. Soul Regression

Michelle Robinson is the co-founder and Principal Educator of The Academy of Spiritual Practice. She is a published author of multiple books and developed the online program: Certificate in Advanced Intuitive Practice. She is a qualified Teacher, Counselor and Clinical Hypnotherapist.

Michelle’s books include:

• Your Intuitive Gifts At Work. From Passion to Profession. The 8 Keys to Excellence in Spiritual Practice.
• Karma Couples. A Spiritual Self Help Guide for Troubled Karmic Relationships.
• I’m Positive! Program Your Thoughts and Feelings to Create a Positive Life which is the culmination of twenty years’ experience helping clients re-train their minds to create positive, enriched lives.

The strategies in her books and programs have assisted clients worldwide who’ve faced self-sabotage, emotional distress, ‘feeling stuck’, and anxiety to let go of old thought patterns, and take control of their choices.

Her latest book, Your Intuitive Gifts At Work, guides those who have a ‘calling’ to work with their intuitive gifts to step into their best selves and take their skills and expertise to a whole new level.

This is the 'how to practical and professional guide' to excellence in Intuitive Practice. Michelle mentors those who have a ‘calling’ to use their spiritual gifts to help others. Her years of experience and expertise in mainstream education now offer an amazing foundation of excellence in her teachings at the Academy of Spiritual Practice.