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Positive Self-Help Books to Enhance Your Life

Your Intuitive Gifts at Work

From Passion to Profession: The 8 Keys to Excellence in Spiritual Practice

Is your soul calling you to step into the power of your intuitive gifts?
Are you ready to propel your gifts to their full potential? Do you want to stop just 'practicing' and know how to set up a Professional Intuitive Practice?

This book helps you:
• Manage your energy so you work at peak performance
• Make the best connections with your client and Spirit
• Learn how to build a client-base
• Set up and market your intuitive practice

This book reveals how you can:.
• Set an empowered intention to experience the highest vibration to work with your gifts.
• Create the right energy connections for psychic work, evidential mediumship, healing and trance.
• Offer more powerful evidence and healing.
• Adapt my ethical framework and quality checklist to your business.
• Learn the basics to set up and market your practice.
• Learn how to build a fan-base of potential clients using Facebook.

I’m Positive!

Program Your Thoughts and Feelings to Create a Positive Life

‘I’m Positive’ is your guide to creating an energized, positive life.

More than twenty years of experience as a counselor and hypnotherapist in professional practice led Michelle to write this book.

‘I’m Positive!’ helps you let go of unhelpful thought patterns, emotional hurts and outdated beliefs so you feel confident, optimistic and in control of your choices.

If you have been undermining your achievements or impacted by the negativity of others, this book shows you how to steer your life in the right direction.

Program your mind so that positive thoughts and feelings are your natural default.

Karma Couples

A Spiritual Self-Help Guide for Troubled Karmic Relationships

Do you need help to make sense of your romantic relationship? Are you torn, not knowing whether to stay or leave? Is there some invisible bond that draws you to your partner?

The answer could lie in your shared karma - the decisions you made together before you were born. ‘Karma Couples’ brings a spiritual perspective to relationships in crisis.

• Discover your shared karmic contracts and lessons. Are they ‘done’, should you leave or stay, and at what benefit or cost?

This book helps ease your distress
• Draw upon inspiration from your Higher Self and Spiritual Guides.
• Take control of your decision making.
• Make peace with yourself.
• Leave the past in the past. Let resentment, anger and guilt go.
• Experience your relationship through the eyes of Love and recognize your partner as a soul who shares your journey.
• Allow Love, gratitude, honor, compassion, forgiveness and truth to soften your pain.
• Enjoy a bonus chapter that answers often asked questions about relationships in the spirit world.
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