Certificate in Advanced Intuitive Practice
Online Course and Mentoring Program

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In my Certificate in Advanced Intuitive Practice, you will:

• Experience fortnightly group mentoring via Zoom for 6 months. Have your questions answered and participate in this tutorial              with Michelle and other students. Recordings will be available for you to access later if you cannot participate in real time.

• Learn how to open the right spiritual connections for psychic skills, mediumship, healing and trance.

• Learn to build, sustain and protect your energy for intuitive work and in life.

• Replace self-sabotaging thoughts and feelings with a new, confident persona of your choice.

• Develop your symbolic database to enrich your intuitive messages.

• Blend energies with Spirit and your client so that your gifts work to full potential.

• Learn a practical and helpful communication process to deliver your messages sensitively and skilfully.

• Learn to build and deliver high quality evidence.

• Develop the professional ethics that underpin your practice.

• Learn the importance of self-care and how to look after your gift.

• Learn how the structure to provide a professional session from booking to follow-up.

• Learn how to set-up and fill your professional practice with the right clients for you.
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