STEP 1: Please select either a ONE or THREE Card Reading.

STEP 2: Press the 'Shuffle' button to randomise your reading.

STEP 3: Click the flip button to read your card's message.

STEP 4: Finally, click each card again to receive a deeper message.


You are highly sensitive. Sometimes you absorb other people’s pain through your desire to ease suffering. This interrupts the flow of your intuition. Center yourself. Imagine a calm ocean lit by a full moon. Hold this image as you breathe away all energy that does not belong to you. With practice, you will manage your sensitivity and be surprised at the potential of your gifts.


Is a shift in direction needed to align you with your soul’s path? Life provides many opportunities to explore, and detours are fun. They offer new experiences on roads less travelled. Where now, do you need to be headed? Assess your direction. Do you need to realign your compass?

Color is important to you. You respond to colors’ vibrations. You don’t feel right when the colors around you are out of sync with your energy. Your intuitive gift lets you know which colors suit your changing needs and mood. Always listen to this intuition. Healing, rejuvenation and insight flow to you through the energy of color.

You have not missed the chance to fulfil your passion or achieve your soul’s purpose. Your experiences have built a strong foundation for your next step. Reject any thoughts that it is too late or that time is running short. You have the time you need. Use it wisely. Every moment counts. Every breath is valid.

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