STEP 1: Please select either a ONE or THREE Card Reading.

STEP 2: Press the 'Shuffle' button to randomise your reading.

STEP 3: Click the flip button to read your card's message.

STEP 4: Finally, click each card again to receive a deeper message.


You are an original thinker. Flip your perspective to bring creative thinking to a tricky situation. Be flexible, and see the issue from a different point of view. Anticipate that an unusual option may be your best response. Stay cool. You’ll work it out.


The spirits of your animal friends live on. Like the humans you loved who have passed into the spirit world, your animal friends are once again well and happy. Do not grieve them or feel they are ‘lost’. They visit you often and comfort you as before. They love you unconditionally and will joyfully greet you when it is your time to join them.

You hold the gift of healing. Your compassion and desire to help others quicken your gift. Sense the vibration in your hands. Lift your energy to the Source and ask to be a channel for Divine Light and healing. Your Spiritual Guides await the invitation to work with you. This calling is too strong to ignore. Work with your Light.

Just be yourself. That’s the best gift you can bring to the world. Your vibration brings its own richness of color, sound and expression. You are unique. Do not worry about what you are not. Celebrate who you are. Stay true, to you.